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Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would be carrying a portable computer so small and powerful? Well, that day is here and now. Today, there are several choices when it comes to tablets and phones. Apple has iPhones, iPods and iPads. Microsoft has Surface, Surface pro and Windows phones. In the android market there are hundreds of makers of android-based tablets and android-based phones.

It is confusing to know what technology is best for you. In addition to the thousands of choices out there, your cell phone carrier may not carry all the options. Yikes-where do you start? This is where we can help. We can help purchase the right portable computer for your needs.

Mobile Device Repair

It starts by interviewing you and try to determine how you will use the portable computer. From there we can help figure out what we recommend to meet your needs. We also help by integrating the technology with the rest of your computing platform. In addition, we can show you how to take pictures with you iPad or smart phone and have the pictures automatically download to your PC or Laptop. We can also show you how to synchronize your mail, colander and contacts between all your devices.

Serving the Milwaukee area including Waukesha, Brookfield, New Berlin, Muskego, Mukwonago, Big Bend, Burlington, and Waterford.

Call us and we can help clear the air and help make sure that you purchase the correct portable computer for you needs.

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