About Us

Kyle Kontney

We believe in providing our customers with friendly, reliable computer services at a fair price. Kontney Computer Group treats each and every customer uniquely, fairly and with the highest possible attention to detail. We study your needs, then we customize technology to suit your needs-not ours.

We take computer science seriously, it is our profession and our passion. We are not fast food, we are not mass consumption, we are not "Big Box" and we are truly different. Our engineers sincerely care about your computing needs and we are truly glad you came to us.

Because you don't come out of box preprogrammed, your computers and networks shouldn't either. Your experiences are unique to you and you alone. Your computers and networks should be delivered to you with your unique needs in mind. We take the time, every time, because we believe you deserve the best.

I personally guarantee that you will be happy with our service, our engineers and the overall experience you will have with Kontney Computer Group.

–Kyle C. Kontney, President and Owner