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Having an integrated and successful backup system is probably the most important aspect of your computing experience. You have taken the time to take the family pictures, so take the time and make sure that they are backed up. Your business intelligence is really held in the files that are stored on the server, so protect your knowledge and client files with a healthy backup solution.

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Kontney Computer Group offers an array of backup solutions for your Business or Home. We have products for cloud-based backup and local backup solutions as well. We even have hybrid solutions that blend both and give you time-period based backup along with just-in-time backups to handle any kind of disaster. So whether you are backing ups a single PC or an entire enterprise server we have a solution for you.


We also offer training on how to test and verify your backup system to make sure that they are working as designed. This allows you to perform test restores of data and make sure that the backup systems are working as designed. As a Carbonite partner we get notified if your backup is not working and we can help figure out why it is not working.

So call us today to get setup with a backup system that is fire and theft proof and is also secure and easy to use.

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