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New Virus - WARNING!

April 8, 2016

There is a new virus making its’ way through the internet.  It is a new twist on the ransomware virus.  A Ransomware Virus is a virus that will encrypt all of your files.  The bad guys who write the virus will then charge you a fee to get your files back.  You will never get your files back and the bad guys will charge thousands on your credit card.

The new Variant of this nasty virus will send you an e-mail that will have a link that will cause you to get the Ransomware Virus.  The e-mail will indicate that you owe money and that you need to view and invoice online.  The new twist is that the bad guys will have your address listed.  This fools the average user to believing that it is true, they click on the link and all of their files (like photos, documents, music, videos, etc.) get encrypted.  If you are not sure about an e-mail, call our engineers and they can help verify the e-mail.  Be careful and happy computing!

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