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New Computers are not "Ready to Go"

– Kyle Kontney

OK, so you buy a new toaster. You take it home, unbox it, plug it in and make toast. It was ready to go. You buy a brand new car, you get in and drive, the dashboard is clean and all the switches and dials work. The new car was ready to go.

This is not the case when buying a new computer.

Let me explain why, follow me on this because it is maddening and makes no sense but it is true. Computer manufacturers DO NOT setup Windows properly. Not even close. It does not matter the brand, the cost, the style or where you bought it. Even the Business Grade Computers are messed up. Computer manufacturers are often great at making PC's and Laptops but setup Windows poorly. So you pull your new computer out of the box and it is NOT even close to being properly setup.

The result? A slow computer, an unstable computer, a computer more prone for viruses, a computer that will not operate properly and ultimately a consumer that is frustrated with a new purchase. Again, it does not matter the brand. Dell, Gateway, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo (IBM); they all have no care or attention to properly setting up Windows. It does not matter if it Windows 7, 8 or 9 (coming in April, 2015). It is unfair.

Here are some of the problems with new Computers (Laptops or Desktops).

  • Hard Drive Space – you do not get your whole Hard Drive capacity. Buy that laptop with a 500GB hard drive? You will get 440GB or 460GB. Result: lower capacity of storage.
  • Improper Drivers – often the wrong drivers for the Video, Network, Audio and Chipset drivers are improperly installed or the wrong versions are installed. Result: poorly running computer.
  • Missing Drivers – Intel and AMD have drivers that are critical to the speed and stability of the computer but often these drivers are not even present. Result: poorly running computer or does not resume after sleeping.
  • Toolbars – your computer comes out the box with a toolbar already added. The toolbar is not needed and causes Internet Explorer to crash and not operate properly. Result: unnatural Internet Explorer experience, possible leads to viruses, spyware and other gray ware.
  • Trial Applications – your computer may come with trial software that is designed to "hook" you into an internet provider, software that you may not want or need, costly support programs that are useless. Trial software is hoe a Computer Manufacturer can make extra money after the sale. Result: unnatural experience, misleading and costs.
  • Trial Games – this one is common on HP's. Games that you run once require you to sign up to a program that requires you to buy games after a trial period. Also these trial games lead to gray ware and possibly viruses. So you pay for a virus removal, now how much was that trial software costing? Result: unnatural experience, distractions, costs and possible viruses.
  • Helper Applications – this one is common on Toshiba and HP computers. Often the computer manufacturer has helper applications that are meant to speed up, or stabilize your computer. Instead they slow it down and do not allow Windows to operate properly. These applications are not needed and cause performance issues. Result: poorly running computer, abnormal Windows operation.
  • Poorly setup Windows – Computer Manufacturers are not disciplined to setting up Windows Properly and therefore Windows runs poorly, does not update properly or operate normally. So the consumer is clouded on their perception of Windows. This was much the case with Windows Vista. Result: sad consumer, hating Windows, frustration.

So how do you get around these issues? Contact us and have your computer properly setup and experience clear sailing, easy updates, speed and stability like you have never experienced. No one installs Windows on your computer like we do. No one. I have spent the last 30 years of my life devoted to the Computer Experience and Desktop Engineering. I give this experience to you and I promise you will love how your computer performs and how stable it it.

Now you know, don't say we didn't warn you.

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